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Dynamic Technical Analysis


Dynamic Technical Analysis (DTA) is a powerful tool which allows traders and investors to predict market trends. Written by the Head of Technical Analysis at Credit Lyonnais Capital Markets in Paris, Philippe Cahen's book provides the tools for a new and robust way of predicting markets.

Dynamic Technical Analysis
* Provides volatility results immediately
* Provides excellent results for speculators and investors
* Uses several parameters to predict price changes
* Provides results which can be fine-tuned to improve on the original forecast
* Allows differentiation between various kinds of market participants
Dynamic Technical Analysis is a practical book which describes many methods and analyses results from real situations. It can be used to analyse market changes over fifteen minutes or up to several weeks, depending on your needs. Traders, analysts, portfolio managers and bankers, as well as private investors, will all find this book invaluable.

PHILIPPE CAHEN is Head of Technical Analysis at Credit Lyonnais Capital Markets in Paris. A highly experienced practitioner, he has been using technical analysis since 1970, and for the past thirty years has been regularly consulting, training and speaking at conferences, as well as lecturing on various advanced academic courses. He is the author of numerous works on the subject of technical analysis, including Analyse Technique Dynamique (Economica, 1998), of which this book is a translation.





Indicators Used with DTAFM(r).

Strongly Trending Market: Parallels and Bubble.

Aids to Analysis.

How to Take a Position.

Tracking a Position and Unwinding It.