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eBu$iness: 7 Steps to Get Your Small Business Online... and Making Money Now!


Is your business website a money pit?

A source of frustration? A time-waster?

Does your business even have an online presence?

It's time to get your website working for you and making money.

The web and social media have become the new shopfronts where customers, staff and suppliers look to find people to do business with. eBu$iness will help anyone who wants to set up and maintain a professional web presence by showing you how to:

  • register an effective domain name
  • set up your own free or cheap website
  • use social media to your advantage
  • optimise your website so that search engines and customers can find you
  • take advantage of free local listing services
  • and much more.

Whether you already have a website or you're just starting out, eBu$iness gives you the tools and know-how to save time and money, and will help you to grow your business and make a profit.

Paul Wallbank is one of Australia's leading experts on how businesses and consumers use the web. Paul is a regular technology expert on ABC radio and a columnist for. He has written seven books on internet use, including The Internet For Dummies.
You can visit Paul at
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Introduction vii

1 Defi ne your business 1

Step 1: The free web tools.

2 Local directories 15

3 Social media 30

4 Blogging platforms 42

Step 2: The name.

5 What’s in a name? 61

6 Types of domain 71

7 Choosing a registrar 81

Step 3: The technology.

8 Hosting your site 93

9 Site platforms 105

Step 4: The look.

10 Designing a website 121

11 The content 136

12 Payment options 146

13 Tracking progress 156

Step 5: Getting your name out.

14 Search engine optimisation 171

15 Paid advertising 184

Step 6: Creating fans and customers.

16 Social media rules 201

17 Staying in touch 210

Step 7: Staying relevant.

18 Ongoing maintenance 227

19 Future opportunities 236

Appendix A: Getting Australian Business Online 242

Appendix B: Choosing a consultant 253

Jargon buster 257

Index 261