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Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy and Regulation


Conveys more of the texture and content of actual policy issues, the nature of the questions that analysts typically confront and how the basic tools of environmental economics can be applied to those questions. Explains how to develop a coherent set of questions for analysis that can accommodate multiple policy goals and constraints, the complexity of pollution problems and limitations of available information. Includes examples from authentic environmental regulatory policy analyses canvassing such issues as toxic chemicals, global climate change, ozone depletion, solid and hazardous wastes.

Purpose, Technical Level, and Scope.

Environmental Policy Analysis in Practice.

Design of Appropriate Models for Policy Analysis.

Reconciling Conceptual Tools and Available Data.

Modeling and Interpreting Social Welfare Changes.

The Analytical Significance of Baselines.

The Importance of Anticipatory Responses.

Incidence of Regulatory Costs.

Intertemporal Issues.

Recent Trends in Environmental Policy: Some Cautionary Notes.

Environmental Policy in Theory and Practice.