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Economic Policy 46


Top economists provide a concise and accessible evaluation of major developments in trade and trade policy. Examination of key issues pertinent to the multinational trading system, as well as regional trade arrangements and policy developments at the national level. Provides up-to-date assessments of the World Trade Organization's current Trade Policy Reviews.

The Managing Editors of Economic Policy:

Richard Edward Baldwin is Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva.

Giuseppe Bertola is Professore Ordinario di Economica Politica, Facolta di Scienze Politiche, Universita di Torino.

Paul Seabright is Professor of Economics at Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse, a Director of Research at the Institut d'Economie Industrielle and a Research Fellow at CEPR.

The Senior Editors of Economic Policy:

Georges de Menil works at the Delta Ens, France.

Richard Portes lectures in the Department of Economics, London Business School.

Hans-Werner Sinn is based at the Centre for Economic Studies, University of Munich.

1. Editors' introduction.

2. European Monetary Union: the dark sides of a major success: Charles Wyplosz.

3. Road pricing: lessons from London: Georgina Santos and Gordon Fraser.

4. Has the inflation process changed?: Stephen G. Cecchetti and Guy Debelle.

5. Price setting and inflation persistence: did EMU matter?: Ignazio Angeloni, Luc Aucremanne and Matteo Ciccarelli.