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Economics and History: Surveys in Cliometrics


Economics and History presents six state-of-the-art, comprehensive surveys from some of the leading scholars in cliometrics. The contributions consider a broad range of topics from this highly topical area, covering the following issues: time series econometrics and their applications in cliometrics, international migration, income maintenance programs in the USA in the first half of the 20th Century, social savings, health and stature, and human development - a long run view.

This collection will serve as a unique resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students on quantitative and econometrics courses, as well as academics and professional economists more generally.

David Greasley is Professor of Economic History in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Edinburgh University. His research interests include the construction of national income accounts in historical perspective, comparative economic development, the Great Depression in the USA, British industrialization since 1700, and the economic history of New Zealand.

Les Oxley is Professor in Economics at the University of Canterbury, and Adjunct Professor at Curtin University of Technology, Australia.  His research interests include modelling and testing theories of economic growth, financial econometrics, intellectual property, energy economics and cliometrics.  He is a founding editor of Blackwell's Journal of Economic Surveys and sits on the editorial boards of several international journals.

Notes on Contributors vi

1 Clio and the Economist: Making Historians Count 1
David Greasley and Les Oxley

2 Social Savings 21
Tim Leunig

3 Longitudinal Studies of Human Growth and Health: A Review of Recent Historical Research 47
Kris Inwood and Evan Roberts

4 Improving Human Development: A Long-Run View 87
Leandro Prados de la Escosura

5 A Patchwork Safety Net: A Survey of Cliometric Studies of Income Maintenance Programs in the United States in the First Half of the Twentieth Century 141
Price Fishback, Samuel Allen, Jonathan Fox and Brendan Livingston

6 The Cliometrics of International Migration: A Survey 187
Timothy J. Hatton

7 Cliometrics and Time Series Econometrics: Some Theory and Applications 217
David Greasley and Les Oxley

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