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Encyclopedia of Financial Models, Volume 3



The need for serious coverage of financial modeling has never been greater, especially with the size, diversity, and efficiency of modern capital markets. With this in mind, the Encyclopedia of Financial Models, 3 Volume Set has been created to help a broad spectrum of individuals--ranging from finance professionals to academics and students--understand the various models currently available and apply them in real-world situations.

Edited by Frank Fabozzi, this set includes contributions from global financial experts as well as academics with extensive consulting experience in this field. Incorporating timely research and in-depth analysis, Volume III of the Encyclopedia of Financial Models covers:

  • Mortgage-Backed Securities Analysis and Valuation
  • Operational Risk
  • Optimization Tools
  • Probability Theory
  • Risk Measures
  • Software for Financial Modeling
  • Stochastic Processes and Tools
  • Term Structure Modeling
  • Trading Cost Models
  • Volatility

Volume III

Mortgage-Backed Securities Analysis and Valuation 1

Valuing Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities 3

The Active-Passive Decomposition Model for MBS 17

Analysis of Nonagency Mortgage-Backed Securities 29

Measurements of Prepayments for Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities 47

Prepayments and Factors Influencing the Return of Principal for Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities 65

Operational Risk 79

Operational Risk 81

Operational Risk Models 91

Modeling Operational Loss Distributions 103

Optimization Tools 121

Introduction to Stochastic Programming and Its Applications to Finance 123

Robust Portfolio Optimization 137

Probability Theory 149

Concepts of Probability Theory 151

Discrete Probability Distributions 165

Continuous Probability Distributions 195

Continuous Probability Distributions with Appealing Statistical Properties 207

Continuous Probability Distributions Dealing with Extreme Events 227

Stable and Tempered Stable Distributions 241

Fat Tails, Scaling, and Stable Laws 259

Copulas 283

Applications of Order Statistics to Risk Management Problems 289

Risk Measures 297

Measuring Interest Rate Risk: Effective Duration and Convexity 299

Yield Curve Risk Measures 307

Value-at-Risk 319

Average Value-at-Risk 331

Risk Measures and Portfolio Selection 349

Back-Testing Market Risk Models 361

Estimating Liquidity Risks 371

Estimate of Downside Risk with Fat-Tailed and Skewed Models 381

Moving Average Models for Volatility and Correlation, and Covariance Matrices 395

Software for FinancialModeling 415

Introduction to Financial Model Building with MATLAB 417

Introduction to Visual Basic for Applications 449

Stochastic Processes and Tools 469

Stochastic Integrals 471

Stochastic Differential Equations 485

Stochastic Processes in Continuous Time 495

Conditional Expectation and Change of Measure 507

Change of Time Methods 519

Term StructureModeling 531

The Concept and Measures of Interest Rate Volatility 533

Short-Rate Term Structure Models 543

Static Term Structure Modeling in Discrete and Continuous Time 559

The Dynamic Term Structure Model 575

Essential Classes of Interest Rate Models and Their Use 593

A Review of No Arbitrage Interest Rate Models 603

Trading CostModels 621

Modeling Market Impact Costs 623

Volatility 635

Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance 637

Stochastic Volatility 653