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Enhancing Trader Performance: Proven Strategies From the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology


Praise for Enhancing Trader Performance

"Brett Steenbarger gives traders the best tool to improve their own trading: a look into themselves. By setting up a quantifiable, positive learning system, Brett allows anyone, from experienced fund managers to beginner traders, to maximize individual potential."
—Larry Connors, CEO,

"Brett proves that mental toughness CAN be learned and hits the nail on the head when applying performance theory to trading! He shows how classic topics, such as the consistency and habits built from day-to-day routines to the importance of positive self-talk, can be applied to the abstract arena of the markets. Traders of all levels will be inspired by these strategies for performance enhancement in their journey towards mastery."
—Linda Raschke, LBRGroup, Inc.

"Successful traders know that winning has less to do with technical knowledge and more to do with understanding yourself, pinpointing your strategy and process, and implementing it in a consistent, disciplined manner. Enhancing Trader Performance shows that your personal success lies at the intersection of your talents, skills, and opportunities. Brett guides you toward identifying your talents, developing your skills, and applying both as opportunities arise. For anyone interested in improving their trading, reading this book may be one of the best trades you ever make."
—Jim Dalton, trader, coauthor of Mind Over Markets and Markets in Profile, and Senior Vice President and Director (Retired), ICS Integrated Products and Research, UBS Financial Services Inc.

"The one statement in the book that stands out, 'You cannot have trading consistency if you do not have emotional consistency,' says it all. This book must be read, and reread, if you want to succeed in the trading arena."
—Ken Wood, "Woodie" of

BRETT N. STEENBARGER, PHD, is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, and an active trader of the equity index markets. He has published over fifty peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on topics related to brief therapy, and is the author of The Psychology of Trading, also published by Wiley. As Director of Trader Development for Kingstree Trading, LLC, in Chicago, Dr. Steenbarger has mentored numerous professional traders and coordinated the training of new traders.


Author’s Note.

Chapter 1: Where Expertise Begins.

Chapter 2: Finding Your Performance Niche as a Trader.

Chapter 3: Building Competence.

Chapter 4: Strategies for Cultivating Competence.

Chapter 5: From Competence to Expertise.

Chapter 6: Mechanics, Tactics, Strategies.

Chapter 7: Performance Dynamics.

Chapter 8: Cognitive Techniques for Enhancing Performance.

Chapter 9: Behavioral Techniques for Enhancing Performance.

Afterword: The Making and Remaking of an Expert Trader.


Appendix: Resources for Performance.


About the Author.