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Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management: Concepts Applicable to Pioneering Technical Enterprises that Serve the Public Interest


Dr. Allan S. Benjamin has been a risk management professional in the technological sector for over 40 years, working for organizations like Boeing Aerospace and NASA. Dr. Benjamin quite literally wrote the book on Risk Management for NASA. Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management is Benjamin's endeavor to write an Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management (EROM) book specifically catered to the technological sector. While most EROM books are focused on providing risk management advice for traditional businesses and financial firms, this book focuses on Government and Nonprofit Technical Organizations. Dr. Benjamin will begin with a set of core principles essential to any EROM approach before delving more specifically into Government and Nonprofit Technical Organizations. Even moreso than in the commercial sector, the practice of EROM in pioneering technical enterprises involves working with mostly qualitative data and is characterized by high uncertainties. Organizations like NASA whose principal objective is to develop and implement risky technologies for scientific gain are faced with very different risks and opportunities, namely the burden of pursuing such potentially monumental breakthroughs.