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Equity Portfolio Management


With investors flocking to Wall Street in an attempt to beat today's turbulent market, Fabozzi and Grant show you how to stay focused and create a solid equity portfolio in Equity Management. This comprehensive guide ties together modern portfolio theory and the current strategies employed by portfolio managers to enhance returns on equity portfolios. By focusing on several key areas, including equity management styles: passive versus active investing, traditional fundamental analysis, security analysis using value-based metrics, and much more, Equity Portfolio Management will put you on the right track to investing smarter and more profitably.

Frank J. Fabozzi is editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management and an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Yale University's School of Management. Frank is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant. He is on the board of directors of the Guardian Life family of funds and the BlackRock complex of funds. He earned a doctorate of economics from the City University of New York in 1972 and in 1994 received an honorary doctorate of Human Letters from Nova Southeastern University. Frank is a Fellow of the International Center for Finance at Yale University.
James L. Grant is president of JLG Research-a company specializing in economic profit research and customized seminars in investment management. Dr. Grant is a research consultant to Credit Suisse Asset Management-providing quantitative advice on several of the investment management strategies described in this book. He is also the author of Foundations of Economic Value Added and the coeditor with Frank Fabozzi of Value-Based Metrics: Foundations and Practice. Dr. Grant holds a PhD in Business from the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business, and has been a featured speaker at industry conferences on value-based metrics.

About the Authors.

1. Introduction.

2. Modern Portfolio Theory, Capital Market Theory, and Asset Pricing Models.

3. Statistical Measures and Their Applications.

4. Blueprint for Passive-Active Investing.

5. Equity Management Styles.

6. Traditional Fundamental Analysis.

7. Security Analysis Using Value-Based Metrics.

8. Discounted Cash Flow Equity Valuation Models.

9. Factor-Based Portfolio Models.

10. Profiles in Equity Management.

11. Equity Trading.

12. Derivative Instruments and Their Characteristics.

13. Applications of Derivatives to Equity Portfolio Management.

14. Performance Evaluation.