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Escape From Debt: Make a Plan, Take Action, Get Happy and Love Your Life


I want you to be able to live a life that is fulfilling and rich – emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. I you are constantly at work, worried about money, stressed or running low on energy, how can you feel complete and balanced?

In Escape from Debt, Tim Williamson shows you how to break the destructive chain of behaviour that makes getting out of debt so tough, and how to take command of your finances and life by:

  • Distinguishing between needs and wants
  • Understanding how debt works
  • Knowing your limitations and sticking to them
  • Training your subconscious mind to work with you to achieve your goals

With the resources and back-up you’ll need to remain steadfast in your conviction, and an interactive format that will allow you a clear view of the new and exciting road ahead of you, Escape from Debt will free you from the habits and beliefs that have been holding you back – and give you a life you’ll love! 

Tim Williamson has flown as a commercial pilot in three countries. He is an experienced business owner, fitness coach, martial arts instructor and masseur with a passion for health, fitness and teaching.
A car accident in 2002 saw him grounded from flying and unable to continue fitness coaching, so he has since studied many different areas of business and personal development. He is a former bank employee and debt collector.
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1 You have to know where you're going.

2 Changing your financial behaviour.

3 Can you afford that?

4 How debt works.

5 The real cost of debt.

6 Taking action.

7 Breaking your credit addiction.

8 The trouble with refinancing.

9 Your future.