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Essentials of Financial Analysis


* Processes and methods of financial statement analysis
* Framework for evaluating a company's "quality of earnings"
* Identifies potential problem areas that need to be investigated
* Analytical tools and techniques to meet the objectives of different user groups

Essentials of Financial Analysis

Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in financial analysis.

"Essentials of Financial Analysis is a concise guide with the necessary resource base for improved client selection by any professional whose practice is outside the field of financial analysis. I wish that Essentials of Financial Analysis had been available to me twenty-seven years ago when I formed an engineering firm. Its use is highly recommended."
-A. Ray Howland, PE, President, The Howland Company, Inc.

"Drs. Friedlob and Schleifer have provided an outstanding guide to analyzing financial statements. Their insights and analysis techniques will be useful to the financial community. They have provided analysts with a road map to financial enlightenment."
-E. Lewis Bryan, DBA, CPA, Visiting Professor of Accounting
Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts

GEORGE T. FRIEDLOB, PhD, is Professor of Accountancy at the Clemson University School of Accounting and Legal Studies. He is the author of Essentials of Corporate Performance Measurement, also published by Wiley.
LYDIA L. F. SCHLEIFER, PhD, is Associate Professor of Accounting at Clemson University. Her work regularly appears in the CPA Journal, Managerial Auditing Journal, and Management Accounting.

Understanding Financial Statements and Annual Reports.

Analyzing Profitability.

Analyzing Liquidity and Solvency.

Analyzing Activity with Financial and Nonfinancial Measures.

Quality of Earnings and Cash Flows.

Earnings Releases and EVA Analysis.