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Essentials of Financial Risk Management


ESSENTIALS OF Financial Risk Management

Full of valuable tips, techniques, illustrative real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices, this handy and concise paperback will help you stay up to date on the newest thinking, strategies, developments and technologies in balancing scorecards.

"The author has done an excellent job of covering the broad and complex subject of financial risk management in a manner that is engaging and informative. Her generous use of practical examples throughout the book makes the concepts understandable and relevant to all levels of business professionals."
—Melanie Rupp Assistant Vice President and Senior Project Manager, Basel 2 Credit Risk Management, HSBC Bank Canada

"Risk has many faces in today's global economy. If you are involved in managing or overseeing major change initiatives, you need to consider all aspects, and this book provides you with a comprehensive framework."
—Stephanie Sharp President, Ferax Consulting Corp Lead Negotiator and Deal Architect for major change initiatives

"Essentials of Financial Risk Management provides a solid overview of the wide range of issues that an organization must deal with in today's global business. Pure financial issues in areas of currency and interest exposure are discussed. In addition, Karen keeps the focus on other operating risks and the potential financial impact in areas such as people and process management. A good book for both financial and operating managers."
—Nick A. Shepherd, FCMC, CGA, FCCA President and CEO, EduVision Inc.

Karen A. Horcher, CGA, CFA, provides consulting and training in treasury, capital markets, and financial risk management for corporations, financial institutions, governments and regulators, and professional services firms. She is the author of several financial risk management titles.


1. What Is Financial Risk Management?

2. Identifying Major Financial Risks.

3. Interest Rate Risk.

4. Foreign Exchange Risk.

5. Credit Risk.

6. Commodity Risk.

7. Operational Risk.

8. Risk Management Framework: Policy and Hedging.

9. Measuring Risk.

10. Global Initiatives in Financial Risk Management.