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Financial Markets


Financial Markets provides a concise, yet comprehensive, introduction to financial markets for undergraduate or MBA students studying finance or money and banking. The text breaks with the non-analytical tradition of most texts and employs an analytical approach to the role of financial markets in a modern economy, debt and equity markets, and derivatives markets and risk management. In each case, the discussion explores the financial economics of the area of study and focuses on the application of finance concepts to practical business management problems. The material covering financial derivatives offers an extensive treatment of the topic placing particular emphasis on how derivatives are used in risk management.

Professor Robert W. Kolb taught investments at the University of Miami until 1996. He is the author and editor of over a dozen books and numerous articles on finance and investments. Kolb currently devotes his time to writing and research, especially in the areas of futures markets, investments and bond portfolio management.
Part I: Financial Markets and the Economy:.

1. The Role of Financial Markets.

Part II: The Debt Market:.

2. The Money Market.

3. The Bond Market.

4. The Level and Structure of Interest Rates.

Part III: The Equity Market:.

5. The Stock Market.

6. Equity Valuation.

7. Investment Banking.

8. Risk and Return in Securities Markets.

Part IV: Financial Derivative Markets and Risk Management:.

9. The Futures Market.

10. The Options Market.

11. The Swaps Market.

12. Financial Engineering.