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Finding Profits in FOREX: Combining Elliott Wave & Fibonacci to Pinpoint Winning Trades


Run time: 1 hour 12 min. Traders in the know realize that there is a discrepancy between what people think is going on in the market and what is actually going on in the market. Looking at the market through the lens of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci theory can help you to see what is really happening--and how to profit from the market.s moves.

Watch as FOREX expert Todd Gordon reveals the secrets to combining Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci ratios to catapult your trading success. In this new guide, Todd breaks down these trading tactics, giving clear explanations and real life examples to help pull it all together.

Elliott Wave and Fibonacci are tools that have been used for years in isolation; with Todd.s new strategy, you can combine the strength of these theories for a powerful view of the market.

Todd will cover:

  • Basic 5-wave pattern
  • Three degrees of trend
  • Motive waves, impulse and diagonal triangle
  • Corrective waves
  • Fibonacci retracements, extensions, and projections

...and how to combine these tools for maximum profits in the Forex market.

Plus, Todd reveals the time frames he analyzes and which trades he executes- and better yet- he tells you exactly why. With this complete look into Todd's trading arsenal, you will have the confidence and ability to maximize your profit potential, even in today's volatile markets!