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Float Analysis: Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume


* Biggest Breakthrough since the ARMS index
* Combines Gann theory with Price & Volume movements for explosive results
* Successful strategies for high-growth portfolios

Float Analysis
Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume

"Float Analysis is an innovative indicator that all serious traders will want to familiarize themselves with to help determine the most effective buy and sell points for specific trades."
-Martin Pring
author of Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis

"[Steve Woods] has done a tremendous job of investigating and describing this new area of technical analysis and I highly recommend adding it to your arsenal of trading indicators."
-Larry McMillan
author of McMillan on Options

Float Analysis: Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume introduces a powerful new indicator that will revolutionize the way you trade. Pushing the boundaries of technical analysis, active trader Steve Woods combines price and volume charts with the knowledge of available shares in the market, or float, to form a strongly predictive indicator-his very own Woods Cumulative-Volume Float Indicator-that can target winning stocks with incredible accuracy.

Even the experts agree that every trader can now discover the power of this exciting new indicator-and trading theory-by reading this comprehensive new book. Take this chance to master float analysis and watch your profits soar.

STEVE WOODS is the Executive Director of, a stock analysis and software business that services clients around the world. The inventor of the Woods Cumulative-Volume Float Indicator, Woods has written a number of articles for various trade journals including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. Mr. Woods is an avid trader.

Introduction -W. D. Gann: The Inspiration for Float Analysis.

CHAPTER ONE -Watching the Float: The New Look of Price and Volume Charts and Their Relationship to a Stock's Future Price Direction.

The Float.

A Float Turnover.

The First Discovery.

Scenario One -The Smart Money and the Losing Money.

Scenario Two -The Yin and Yang of Float Analysis.

The Importance of the Discovery of Float Turnovers at Bottoms and Tops.

In Search of a Breakout Buy Point: A Case History of Xicor.

A Simple Random Sample Experiment.

CHAPTER TWO-Ten Breakthrough Discoveries That Will Change the Way You Analyze Stock Charts.

The Multiple Float Turnover Formation.

The Bottom Formation and the Top Formation.

The Base of Support within a Correction Formation.

The Strong Sideways Base of Support in an Up-Trend Formation.

The Overhead Base of Support Formation.

The Slow Extension Formation.

The Fast Extension Formation.

The Upright Flag Formation.

The Inverted Flag Formation.

The Weak Base of Support Formation.

CHAPTER THREE-Technicals 101: How to Understand-and Profit from-the Indicators.

The Cumulative-Volume Float Indicators.

The Common Characteristics of Float Turnovers.

CHAPTER FOUR-Support and Resistance Redefined: Creating a Model of Stock Behavior That Brings Results.

The Rising Base of Support.

The Descending Ceiling of Resistance.

The Changing Nature of Float Turnovers from Support to Resistance, and Vice Versa.

Unique Points of Support and Resistance in Up-Trends and Down-Trends.

Support and Resistance in Multiple Turnover Sideways Bases.

Valid Breakouts.

A Strategic Challenge.

CHAPTER FIVE -Successful Strategies That Made My Stock Portfolio Grow Tenfold in Sixteen Months.

The Mirror Image Dilemma and Its Solutions.

Playing the Upside.

Playing the Downside.

Final Strategies.


Appendix A-A Compendium of Float Analysis Formations.

Appendix B-The Dilemma of Differing Results Resolved.



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