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Forbes Great Minds of Business


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ANDREW GROVE: the vibrant head of Intel-the company whose microprocessors power 90% of the world's personal computers-is widely regarded as the best corporate manager in America.

FRED SMITH: a shining example of entrepreneurship at its best, the founder of Federal Express Corporation built an entire industry from scratch, and has-more than any other entrepreneur in recent history-physically changed the way business is done.

PETER LYNCH: during his 13 years at the helm of Fidelity's Magellan Fund, he outperformed the stock market averages at least ?vefold, and masterfully turned Magellan into the nation's largest mutual fund.

PLEASANT ROWLAND: with no experience in either marketing or the toy business, she founded Pleasant Company, an immensely pro?table doll, clothing, and publishing empire that is now worth $250 million.

PAUL VOLCKER: perhaps the most famous-and respected-chairman in the history of the Federal Reserve-America's central bank-he laid the groundwork for the biggest wealth-creating bull market the United States has ever known.
Andrew Grove: Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Intel Corporation.

Fred Smith: Founder and CEO, Federal Express Corporation.

Peter Lynch: Former Manager of Fidelity Magellan Fund.

Pleasant Rowland: Founder and President, Pleasant Company.

Paul Volcker: Former Chairman Federal Reserve Board.

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