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Four Steps to Trading Success: Using Everyday Indicators to Achieve Extraordinary Profits


Develop a successful trading system and achieve extraordinary profits

"This is by far one of the best trading books to come along in a long time. It deals with specifics in market entry, exits, and stop placement in a simple, understandable approach. This is a well-defined trading plan that will benefit both the long-term and short-term stock trader. Buy it. You will not be disappointed."-John Hill, President, Futures Truth Co., coauthor, The Ultimate Trading Guide

In a straightforward, easy-to-follow format, John F. Clayburg divulges his techniques for identifying the major trends, determining the "trend within the trend," finding the optimal entry, and then choosing the right time to get out. More than just a guide to indicators, the book teaches investors how to observe, analyze, and recognize patterns that will help them make smart trading decisions, in any market.

Here are just some of the strategies covered:
* How to use and interpret indicators that are freely available on the Web
* How to develop an effective system
* How to use a simple early morning technique that will significantly increase the accuracy of your daily trading
* How to achieve your own optimal trading frequency
* How to interpret multiple indicators for optimum returns
* How to automate your system using commercially available software

Filled with useful, time-tested techniques that will never become obsolete, regardless of advances in technology, Four Steps to Trading Success is a must for any serious day trader looking to improve his or her track record.

JOHN F. CLAYBURG, DVM, has been involved in trading systems development for over twenty years. He is the developer of the Cyclone S&P Day Trading System, a system consistently ranked in the top five and often #1 by Futures Truth. He is also the author and developer of Parallel User Function Technology, a unique, self-adaptive trading software platform that gives systems and indicators uncommon resilience. Dr. Clayburg is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and holds system development seminars for clients around the world.




Day Trading Methods and Philosophies.

Why Traders Lose.

People, Prices, Personalities and Probabilities.

The Concept of Trend Exhaustion.

Conventional Use of Online Indicators.

Use of Multiple Indicator Sensitivity Settings.

Market Defined Support and Resistance Categories.

Use of Support and Resistance in Actual Trading.

Combining Dual Signals, Support and Resistance.

Directional Day Filter.

Trading Dual Oscillators with Directional Day Filter.

Putting It All Together.

Directional Day Filter Breakout System.

Using an Automated System.

Using Online Charting Services.

Other Indicators and Systems.

TradeStation Code.