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Fraud and Corruption in Government ? Systems and Structures


Fraud and Corruption in Government will explore and explain the process of fraud and corruption in governmental and public agencies.  The book will provide a set of theoretical underpinnings as to why fraud and corruption exists in the public sector.  In particular it will contrast the motivation for fraud in public agencies and compare it to common fraud patterns in the private sector. Agencies sometime have intense corporate culture – where standards and practice develop over long periods with limited exposure to other ethical frameworks or practice standards.  This can lead to an entity specific mind set where managers develop moral standards and hence practices that are significantly deviated from normal behavior.  This book will provide these managers with a compendium of practice to show actual norms and also a review of cases where agency practice was held as opposed to best financial practices.  It will allow them to study good practice from a standard text that will avoid some of the political maneuvering that is all too common in agency politics.