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Free $ For College For Dummies


Demystifies the scholarship selection process

Write winning essays and get financial aid

Need money for college? This simple, straightforward guide shows you how to find scholarships, grants, and other "free money" to use toward your college expenses. You get expert advice on applying for federal grants, participating in state tuition plans, competing for scholarships from private organizations, and more – with tips on avoiding scams, completing your applications on time, and finding financial aid from unlikely sources.

The Dummies Way

  • Explanations in plain English
  • "Get in, get out" information
  • Icons and other navigational aids
  • Tear-out cheat sheet
  • Top ten lists
  • A dash of humor and fun

David Rosen is a management consultant, writer, and teacher.

Caryn Mladen is a consultant, writer, educator, and lawyer.


Part I: The Process, the Players, and the Possibilities.

Chapter 1: Finding Free Money: How Can I Make It Happen?

Chapter 2: The Nitty-Gritty of Receiving Free Money.

Chapter 3: Recognizing the Realities: What Can You Truly Expect?

Chapter 4: Avoiding College Aid Scams.

Part II: Getting Your Due from Uncle Sam.

Chapter 5: Getting Help From Your Federal Friends.

Chapter 6: Getting Help from Federal Loans.

Chapter 7: Signing Up for Other Federal Benefits.

Chapter 8: Taxing Issues: You and the IRS.

Part III: Looking Closer to Home: Free Money From Your State and Hometown.

Chapter 9: Getting Free $ from Your State.

Chapter 10: Trying Harder with Your State.

Chapter 11: Going Local.

Part IV: Scoping Out Free Money from Prospective Colleges.

Chapter 12: Getting a Better Deal on Tuition.

Chapter 13: Qualifying for Merit Scholarships.

Chapter 14: Playing the Game: Understanding Athletic Scholarships.

Chapter 15: Free Money for International Study . . .and for International Students.

Part V: I Didn’t Think of That! Lots More Sources of Free Money.

Chapter 16: Getting Free Money from Organizations.

Chapter 17: Asking the Boss for Free Money.

Chapter 18: Joining Up: You’re in the Army (or Navy or Air Force or Marines) Now.

Chapter 19: Staring into the Educational Crystal Ball.

Chapter 20: Resource Guide.

Chapter 21: The Ten Best Ways to Get Free Money for College.

Chapter 22: Ten Places You May Not Think to Look for Free Money.

Chapter 23: Ten College Payment Plans That Just Don’t Work.

Chapter 24: Ten Things Colleges Don’t Tell You.

Appendix: Glossary.