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Frequently Asked Questions in Corporate Finance


In Frequently Asked Question in Corporate Finance the author team behind Vernimmen’s Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice – now in its third edition – and the website use their extensive experience in investment banking, corporate finance and academia to address the most frequently asked questions in corporate finance.

The book covers the theory and practice of corporate finance, and demonstrates how to use financial theory to solve practical problems. Key topics include:

  • Financial engineering
  • Valuation
  • Financial policy
  • Cost of capital
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial management

By providing a short and a long answer to each question, Frequently Asked Questions in Corporate Finance allows the reader to extract the appropriate information with ease, making it a convenient and useful reference for students of corporate finance and practising corporate financiers alike.

Pascal Quiry is a professor of finance at the leading European business school HEC Paris, and a managing director in the Corporate Finance arm of BNP Paribas specializing in M&A.

Maurizio Dallocchio is Bocconi University Nomura Chair of Corporate Finance and Past Dean of SDA Bocconi, School of Management.

Yann Le Fur is a corporate finance teacher at HEC Paris business school and an investment banker with Mediobanca in Paris after several years with Schroders and Citi.

Antonio Salvi is Full Professor of Corporate Finance at Jean Monnet University, Italy. He also teaches corporate finance at EMLyon Business School and SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Pierre Vernimmen who died in 1996, was both an M&A dealmaker and a finance teacher at HEC Paris. His book, Finance d’Entreprise, was and still is the top-selling financial textbook in French-speaking countries and is the forebear of Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice.

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