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Futures Made Simple


Futures Made Simple is the essential guide for anyone who wants to make money trading futures, without all the fuss.

The futures market is a truly global trading arena with no boundaries or borders. You don’t have to be a financial wizard -- or hire a financial adviser -- to be successful. In Futures Made Simple you will discover the key strategies that even a novice trader can use to make money trading futures.

Inside you’ll find information on:

  • trading in a global market
  • types of futures contracts
  • factors affecting contract price
  • hedging and speculating
  • trading both rising and falling markets
  • order types, including stop and limit orders
  • choosing and using a broker
  • money and risk management.

If you’re ready to break into the futures market and maximise your success without all the stress, this is the book for you.

Kel Butcher is a financial markets trader and consultant with more than 20 years’ experience trading shares, futures, options, warrants, CFDs and Forex. Kel is a regular contributor to YourTradingEdge Magazine and is the author of Forex Made Simple, A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling Shares Online and 20 Most Common Trading Mistakes.

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Part I: Trading futures -- principles and practice 1

1 The history and evolution of futures exchanges 3

2 How futures work 15

3 Who trades futures and why 37

4 Trading mechanics 67

5 Risk and money management 105

Part II: Natural commodity futures contracts 127

6 Grains 129

7 Food and fibre -- the ‘softs’ 157

8 Livestock -- the meats 183

9 Energy markets 199

10 Metals 221

Part III: Financial markets futures contracts 243

11 Interest rates futures 245

12 Equity index futures 265

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