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Get Rich Slow: Start Now, Start Small to Achieve Real Wealth


Start now and achieve sustainable, long-term wealth sooner than you think.

The real secret to building lifelong wealth is out: slow money. What is slow money? It's all about starting small, starting now and progressively building sustainable wealth. Through a combination of smart planning, savvy choices and clever spending, author Sarah Riegelhuth cuts through the complexities of finance and gives you the confidence to take control of your life.

This book shows you how to:

  • move out of debt and into wealth creation
  • understand what drives your financial behaviour
  • rid yourself of limiting beliefs about money and personal finance
  • set realistic goals and track your wealth-building progress
  • achieve a balance between enjoying your lifestyle and creating financial freedom for the future.

Get Rich Slow is your ultimate guide to getting to know your finances inside out, taking control and building real wealth.

SARAH RIEGELHUTH is a senior financial adviser and co-founder of award-winning boutique financial advisory firm Wealth Enhancers. In 2011 Sarah co-launched the League of Extraordinary Women, an organisation supporting and developing young female entrepreneurs.

About the author ix

Acknowledgements xi

Preface xiii

Part I: Let’s get real 1

1 What are you waiting for? 3

2 Get rich slow 15

3 Aiming for ‘nothing’? 25

4 Good debt, bad debt 39

5 Start yesterday 57

Part II: Let’s get smart 63

6 Many roads to wealth 65

7 Investing in cash 73

8 Investing in shares 81

9 Investing in property 91

10 Investing in you 99

11 Don’t forget about retirement 107

Part III: Now . . . let’s get going! 121

12 Psychology of money 123

13 Bad habits 135

14 Take stock 145

15 Goal setting 157

16 Protect yourself 169

17 Seek and share advice 181

Just do it! 189

Index 191