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Get Rich with Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight from the Exchange Floor, 2nd Edition


Praise for the first edition of Get Rich with Options

"No more excuses! Get Rich with Options provides a clear, honest, and detailed picture of the potential to trade stock and commodity options successfully. Lee covers all the bases, starting with the basics then spending time on concepts such as ITM, OTM, ATM, volatility, spreads, and delta. He turns the mystery of options trading into something cohesive and does it in an entirely user-friendly way. Get Rich with Options is the perfect segue into the world of options trading for anyone who has been intrigued by this investment strategy but too intimidated to try it. For the more seasoned trader, Lee offers little-known tips and advice that have kept him ahead of the pack for years. This is a rare how-to guide that answers all the questions, gives step-by-step instructions, and should be on every options trader's bookshelf."—Margaret Beeler, Managing Director, International Strategy & Investment, Inc.

"There are many options books in the market today. For the most part, they impart sterile options strategies that will 'theoretically' work for you. But, they are written from the perspective of an academic. In Lee Lowell's Get Rich with Options, you will learn options and commodities basics. That's not where the value is. The value of this outstanding, understandable book comes from the author's perspective of how to trade options and commodities. Lee Lowell brings you the secrets from the trading pits in New York, the secrets of a market-maker, a trader who must make money to survive, and a trader who has made thousands of successful trades. After reading the book, you will come away with a professional education and the stark realization that trading options is easier than you think, more profitable than you could imagine, and that there are only three or four surefire strategies that will make you a lot of money consistently. Clear your shelf for this one, it is an invaluable guide for the fastest growing segment of the investment arena today."—Karim Rahemtulla, Investment Director, Mt. Vernon Research

"Option strategies are often delivered in a sea of hype. It's refreshing to learn from someone like Lee who takes a conservative, no-BS approach to options and still makes investors money. I'm impressed by his frankness, his sincerity, and the way he manages risk."—Julia Guth, Executive Publisher, The Oxford Club/Investment U

"Lee Lowell leads us down the road of complex derivative products and takes us out the other side much more profitably. This book will show you that trading on options is not out of reach. Lee takes complex ideas and breaks them down step by step to help every trader from novice to expert master the art of options trading. I found new ideas and skills at every turn in this book and think it's a must-read for the serious commodity options trader."—Kevin Kerr, Editor, Global Commodities Alert, and author ofA Maniac Commodity Trader's Guide to Making a Fortune

Lee Lowell is one of America's leading options professionals and is the coeditor of Mt. Vernon Research's Xcelerated Profits Report and Editor of Instant Money Trader and Triple-Zone Profit Trader. He has been an options trading professional for seventeen years and spent six years in the options trenches as a market-maker on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). After leaving the floor in 1998, Lowell started, and currently runs, his own home-based trading business—actively trading commodity options and futures, stocks, stock options, ETFs, and e-mini futures. He's had numerous articles published in leading financial magazines, including Futures and Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, as well as articles posted on options-related Web sites such as and Lowell is also the author of the first edition of Get Rich with Options (Wiley).
Preface to the Second Edition.



CHAPTER 1: It's All about the Calls and Puts.

CHAPTER 2: How Options are Priced.

CHAPTER 3: Options Volatility.

CHAPTER 4: Stock versus Options.

CHAPTER 5: Option Selling Is your Key to Success.


CHAPTER 6: Buy All the Stock You Want for Half the Price.

CHAPTER 7: Getting Paid to Buy Your Favorite Stock.

CHAPTER 8: Option Credit Spreads: The All-Star Strategy.

CHAPTER 9: A Day in the Life of the Market Maker.

CHAPTER 10: Put Your Stocks to Work—Sell Covered Calls.

CHAPTER 11: A Bonus Strategy: Ratio Option Spreads.


CHAPTER 12: Tools of the Trade.

CHAPTER 13: Brokers and Commissions.