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Getting Started in Hedge Funds: From Launching a Hedge Fund to New Regulation, the Use of Leverage, and Top Manager Profiles, 3rd Edition


an overview of hedge funds,updated to reflect their place in today's post-financial market meltdown economy


"Dan has a unique insight and a depth of experience in the hedge fund industry that few can claim. He articulates a clear map as to the history of the business as well as the direction it's heading. It's a great read for anyone looking to enter the business or simply further their knowledge in the area of hedge fund investing."—ROBERT A. SCHAEFFER, Managing Director, HBM GROUP, HBM Fund Services

"Getting Started in Hedge Funds is a must-read for those who are considering operating a hedge fund or for anyone seeking a better understanding of the industry. Dan provides not only the history of the industry with insight from current managers, but also a road map and real-life examples on how to accomplish this goal."—JAY LEVY, CPA, Partner and Financial Services Industry Co-Practice Director

Getting Started in Hedge Funds, Third Edition offers a completely updated guide to hedge funds, focusing on the current state of the industry, why certain hedge funds survived and thrived throughout the crisis and why others didn't, and what it all means for investors. Written by veteran financial insider Daniel Strachman, this revised edition also includes:

  • A brief history of hedge funds

  • How hedge funds work, including how to start one

  • An analysis of the Madoff scandal and the ripple effect it caused throughout the industry

  • Profiles of four highly successful hedge fund managers and what new regulations mean for them

DANIEL A. STRACHMAN is the director of, an online community for understanding hedge funds and investment strategies. A hedge fund industry veteran, he has contributed articles on investment management and strategies to publications such as the New York Post and the Financial Times, and blogs regularly at He is the author of both the first and second editions of Getting Started in Hedge Funds, as well as The Long and Short of Hedge Funds and The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, all published by Wiley. For more information, visit

Chapter 1: Hedge Fund Basics.

Chapter 2: How Hedge Funds Operate.

Chapter 3: The Managers.

Chapter 4: Hedge Fund Investing.