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Getting Started in Online Brokers


Praise for Getting Started in Online Brokers

"A veritable 'Michelin Guide' to online brokers. Kristine DeForge has compiled an exhaustive compendium, detailing everything from broker commission rates and services to broker accessibility and execution speeds. This is a must-have desktop reference for both the novice and veteran online stock trader."-Richard Karp, Contributing Editor, Barron's

"The preliminary chapters of Getting Started in Online Brokers offer a useful primer for readers who are contemplating taking their first step in online trading. The core of the text provides a comprehensive reference of existing online brokerage firms."-Jack Schwager, Author, Stock Market Wizards and Market Wizards

"The proliferation of online brokerages has left the trader with a myriad of choices. Getting Started in Online Brokers is a comprehensive comparison guide and information source that allows the investor to make a well-informed decision before choosing and opening an online trading account."-Mark T. Minervini, 1997 U.S. Investing Champion, President, Quantech Research Group, Inc.

KRISTINE DEFORGE is a research assistant with Quantech Research Group, an institutional investment research firm headquartered in New York City. In 1999, Ms. DeForge received the Psi Beta National Honor Society Award for excellence in stock market research.
LOREN FLECKENSTEIN serves as stocks editor of, where he contributes to daily commentary on the stock market and provides instruction on trading tactics. Before joining, Mr. Fleckenstein was a staff writer with Investor's Business Daily.



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