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Getting Started in Online Personal Finance



Getting Started in Online Personal Finance

Comprehensive Coverage

Completely Up-to-Date

The number of consumers turning to the Internet for banking, credit, and personal finance transactions is on the rise. As a result, timely guidance through the often confusing world of online finance is crucial to achieving financial success. In Getting Started in Online Personal Finance, Internet expert Brad Hill provides an easy-to-understand, comprehensive education in this popular arena, including:

  • Finding and using online insurance agents, mortgage brokers, and banks
  • Paying bills and borrowing money online
  • Obtaining credit cards online
  • Using online investing resources
  • Choosing an online investment broker

Simplify your life, enjoy the changes technology has to offer–and get your personal finances on firmer ground than ever before–with the accessible, practical information in this invaluable book.

BRAD HILL is the author of twelve books about the Internet and home technology. He writes the "Investor 2000" column for Raging Bull, the "Trader" column for Online Investor magazine, and the "On the Infobahn" column for ComputorEdge magazine. Hill is frequently interviewed on TV, radio, Webcasts, and in print.
Moving Your Money Online: An Overview.

Understanding Online Banking.

Paying Bills Online.

Finding an Online Bank.

Using Internet Insurance Resources.

Finding Online Insurance Brokers.

Borrowing Money Online.

Online Mortgages.

Online Credit Cards.

Using Online Investing Resources.

Choosing an Online Broker.