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Handbook for Muni-Bond Issuers


From Bloomberg, the authority on municipal bond valuation, this is the first book to give issuers (municipalities and their officers, attorneys, and other advisers) step-by-step tips on (1) lowering the cost of financing and (2) how to do it right and avoid trouble--with the press, with the market, with constituents, and with the Securities and Exchange Commission. With an insider's perspective, Joe Mysak debunks the myths and reveals thepractical realities of today's municipal bond market. Fresh and clearly written, this excellent primer on issuing municipal bonds is a key to the market that no participant should be without.

Joe Mysak is a columnist for Bloomberg News. Formerly, he worked at The Bond Buyer as editor and publisher, as editor of American Banker, and also as editor of both Grant's Municipal Bond Observer and Grant's Municipal Bond Issuer. He wrote The Guidebook to Muncipal Bonds with George J. Marlin and edited The Bond Buyer's centennial edition.
Foreword (Michael R. Bloomberg).


Chapter 1: Getting Started.

The basics.

Chapter 2: Choosing Your Method of Sale.

Negotiated or competitive?

Chapter 3: Getting Advice.

What your financial adviser can do for you.

Chapter 4: How to Sell Bonds the Right Way.

Paying the lowest interest cost.

Chapter 5: The Role of the Underwriter.

Watch what they do.

Chapter 6: How to Get into Trouble.

You are responsible for your bonds.

Chapter 7: The Bond Counsel.

The gatekeepers.

Chapter 8: Who Buys Your Bonds?

A smaller group than you'd think.

Chapter 9: Public Relations.

How to win bond elections.

Chapter 10: What Happens in a Bond Sale.

Step by step.

Chapter 11: Credit Ratings.

A continuing relationship.

Chapter 12: After the Sale.

Don't get burned.

Resources and Glossary.