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Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis, Volume 1, Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis Vol 1: A Guide to Evaluating the Industry Sectors of the Market, from Bay Street's Top Analysts


(Finance & Investment) "For the novice and the experienced investment professional alike, this book provides a wealth of insight into security analysis. I wish I had this book when I first started in the portfolio management business." ~Jenny Witterick, CFA Partner; "This book provides the reader with insights into how the 'pros' do their thing. It is a must-read for everyone in the business, entering the business, or, for that matter, anyone with an interest in actively investing." ~Mark A.F. Golding, Chairman & CEO Guardian Capital Inc. "This high-quality new work fills a gap that, until now, has existed in the literature of Canadian securities analysis." ~W. David Wilson, President & Deputy CEO, Scotia Capital Markets & Chairman of the Investment Dealers Association

The Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis assembles a stellar list of contributors, all ranked as leading investment analysts on Canadian analyst performance surveys, or on the annual Wall Street Journal All-Star Analysts survey. For the first time ever, twenty-seven of Canada's leading investment analysts have come together to offer their expertise and experience in two definitive volumes. Contributors to Volume 1:

Glen Campbell on Telecommunications
Kevin Choquette on Banks
Felix Freeman on Gold
Peter Gibson on Strategy
Bin Huang on Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Pentti Karkkainen on Oil & Gas
Steve Laciak on Steels
George Lewis on Piplines & Utilities
Manford Mallory on Metals & Minerals
Jim Milton on Chemicals
Don Roberts on Paper & Forest Products
Greg Thompson on Industrial Products
Glynn Williams on Transportation & Environmental Services
David Wright & Brian Piccioni on Technology

Every chapter of the Handbook of Canadian Security Analysis has been reviewed by members of a distinguished editorial board, drawn from academia, the institutional investment community, and industry associations. Editorial advisors to Volume 1:

Roland Bertin
Keith Graham, CFA
Robert L. Heinkel
Wally Kusters, P.Eng., CFA
James A. MacDonald, CFA
Frank Mersch, CFA
John G. Priestman
I. Rossa O'Reilly, CFA

Joe Kan is a chartered financial analyst and president of Kan & Associates Inc., a search firm specializing in recruitment for institutional equity professionals.


List of Participants.


Chapter 1: Metals and Minerals, Manford Mallory, CFA.

Chapter 2: Gold, Felix Freeman.

Chapter 3: Steels, Steve Laciak.

Chapter 4: Chemicals, Jim Milton, CFA.

Chapter 5: Oil and Gas, Pentti Karkkainen.

Chapter 6: Paper and Forest Products, Don Roberts.

Chapter 7: Transportation and Environmental Services, Glynn Williams, CFA.

Chapter 8: Industrial Products: Early Cycle Consumer Durables and Late Cycle Capital Spending, Greg Thompson.


Chapter 9: Banks, Kevin Choquette, CFA.

Chapter 10: Telecommunications, Glen Campbell.

Chapter 11: Pipelines and Utilities, M. George Lewis, CFA.


Chapter 12: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Bin Huang.

Chapter 13: Technology, David Wright and Brian Piccioni.


Chapter 14: Strategy, Peter Gibson.