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Handbook of International Trade: Economic and Legal Analyses of Trade Policy and Institutions, Volume II


This second volume of the Handbook of International Trade focuses on the economic analysis of international laws and institutions as they impact trade. The text addresses central issues in international trade including labor; environmental rights; preferential trade agreements; antitrust policy; patent rights; antidumping; trade liberalization; and foreign direct investment.

This handbook begins with a comprehensive introduction by the editors that addresses the cross-fertilization of the international law and international trade disciplines and places the chapters in a broader context. Designed to be accessible to readers with various interests and academic backgrounds, and supplemented with an extensive bibliography, the Handbook of International Trade, Volume II is an indispensable resource to students and scholars alike.

E. Kwan Choi is Professor of Economics at Iowa State University and the Editor of Review of International Economics. He is also Associate Editor of Japanese Economic Review, Managing Editor of Review of Development Economics, and co-author of the Handbook of International Trade,Volume I (Blackwell Publishing, 2003).

James C. Hartigan is Professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma, and is a member of the Council of Editors of the Review of International Economics and the Pacific Economic Review. He was a founding member of the International Economics and Finance Society, and has published in such journals as the Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of International Economics, Economica, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and International Journal of Industrial Organization.


Introduction: E. Kwan Choi (Iowa State University) and James C. Hartigan (University of Oklahoma).

  1. What is Free Trade?: The Rorschach Test at the Heart of the Trade and Environment Debate: David M. Driesen (Syracuse University)
  2. Rules of Power in an Age of Law: Process Opportunism and TRIPS Dispute Settlement: Ruth Okediji (University of Oklahoma)
  3. Teaching Old Laws New Tricks: The Legal Obligation of Non-Attribution and the Need for Economic Rigor in Injury Analyses under US Trade Law: James P. Durling and Matthew P. McCullough (Willkie, Farr & Gallagher)
  4. Trade-Related Labor and Environment Rights Agreements?: Chantal Thomas (Fordham University)
  5. A Comparative Analysis of Compliance Institutions in International Law and International Environmental Law: Brett Frischmann (Loyola University Chicago)
  6. The National Treatment Principle in International Trade Law: Michael J. Trebilcock and Shiva K. Giri (University of Toronto)
  7. Do Not Ask Too Many Questions: The Institutional Arrangements for Accomodating Regional Integration within the WTO: Petros Constantinos Mavroidis (University of Neuchâtel)
  8. Trade and Informal Institutions: James E. Anderson (Boston College)
  9. The Economics of Preferential Trade Agreements: Pravin Krishna (Brown University)
  10. Conditionality, Separation, and Open Rules in Multilateral Institutions: Paola Conconi (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Carlo Perroni (University of Warwick)
  11. Antitrust Policy in Open Economies: Price Fixing and International Cartels: Eric W. Bond (Pennsylvania State University)
  12. Modern Commercial Policy: Managed Trade or Retaliation?: Thomas J. Prusa (Rutgers University) and Susan Skeath (Wellesley College)
  13. Anti-Dumping versus Anti-Trust: Trade and Competition Policy: Ian Wooton (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow) and Maurizio Zanardi (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
  14. Trade and the Globalization of Patent Rights: Rod Falvey (University of Nottingham), Feli Martinez (University of Leicester) and Geoff Reed (University of Nottingham)
  15. Mixed Markets with Counterfeit Producers: E. Kwan Choi (Iowa State University)
  16. Endogenous Injury: James C. Hartigan (University of Oklahoma)
  17. International Trade in Services: More Than Meets the Eye: Lawrence J. White (New York University)
  18. The Dynamic Effects of Trade Liberalization and Environmental Policy Harmonization: Larry Karp (University of California, Berkley) and Jinhua Zhao (Iowa State University)
  19. Do Bilateral Tax Treaties Promote Foreign Direct Investment?: Bruce A. Blonigen and Ronald B. Davies (University of Oregon)