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Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change


This volume presents the first comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date overview of current knowledge in the Economics of Technological Change. It reviews what is known and accepted for research in the future by taking the reader to the boundaries of the subject.

Key Topics covered are:
* theory empirics and policy
* technology and trade
* the theory and practice of technology policy
* finance and technological change
* R&D and diffusion
* measuring both technological change and its impact
* game theoretic modelling of technological change.

Each major topic is surveyed by a leading international expert in the field and the articles are specifically designed to be both rigorous and accessible. The quality and range of the contributors has ensured that the book is unique in covering the field in all is various dimensions whilst achieving the depth of analysis needed in each.

For those in the fields of the Economics of Technological Change, Industrial Organization and Science and Technology Policy this book will be an essential text and reference. The material will be invaluable and accessible to students and researchers as well as those working or setting policy in these fields.

Paul Stoneman is currently Research Professor and Head of the Technological Innovations Research Unit at Warwick Business School. Formerly a Reader in Economics at Warwick he has published extensively on aspects of the Economics of Technological Change and Technology Policy. In addition to his research activities he has also acted as an adviser and consultant to both government and private companies on technology-related issues.
1. Introduction: Paul Stoneman (University of Warwick).

2. Patterns of Technological Change: Pari Patel and Keith Pavitt (both University of Sussex).

3. R & D and Productivity: Econometric Results and Econometric and Measurement Issues: Zvi Griliches (Harvard University).

4. Markets for Technology: Knowledge, Innovation and Appropriability: Paul Geroski (London Business School).

5. Game-Theoretic Approaches to the Modelling of Technological Change: John Beath, Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph (Respectively University of St. Andrews, Athens University and University College London).

6. Empirical Studies of Innovative Activity and Performance: Wes Cohen (Carnegie Mellon University).

7. Technological Diffusion: Massoud Karshenas and Paul Stoneman (University of London and University of Warwick).

8. Finance and Technological Change: Alan Goodacre and Ian Tonks (University of Stirling and London School of Economics).

9. Technological Change in International Trade: Paul Krugman (MIT).

10. Employment and Technological Change: Pascal Petit (University of Paris).

11. The Economic Foundations of Technology Policy: Equilibrium and Evolutionary Perspectives: Stan Metcalfe (University of Manchester).

12. The Practice of Technology Policy: David Mowery (University of California at Berkeley).

13. Concluding Remarks: Paul Stoneman (University of Warwick).