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Harnessing Explosive Market Turns: Finding Profitable Set-ups with Fibonacci, Lucas, Elliot Wave, and Candlesticks


Run time: 1 hr 47 min. Take your technical analysis--and your winning percentages--to a bold new level

 In front of a standing-room only crowd, Jeff Greenblatt showed that the Dow had hit a key time window and was positioned for a powerful move. The next trading day resulted in one of the biggest rallies ever. How’d he do it? Find out in this DVD course to identifying and profiting massively from explosive market turns. You get full access to Jeff's legendary trading system which brings together an array of powerful technical indicators--including Fibonacci, Lucas waves, Candlesticks, and others--combining them in such a way as to offset the weaknesses of any one them. This has allowed him--and now you--to dial into the optimal winning percentage, no matter what you trade or how volatile your market of choice is at any given time.

  •  Quickly master a proven, rigorously systematic approach that dramatically increases your ability to identify and profit from trading opportunities most other traders never see coming
  • Discover patterns that help you maximize potential profit in trades, along with clearly defined rules for finding the most powerful pivots 
  • Learn proven techniques for increasing trading profits by precisely identifying turning points in any market--stocks, futures, forex, options--and staying in and getting out with the least risk
  • Get the complete lowdown on how to use polarity to confirm the trend and best exploit each pivot for huge gains