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Hedge Fund Course


To be successful in the hedge fund business, financial professionals must understand every aspect of this dynamic investment vehicle. With Hedge Fund Course as your guide, you'll become familiar with the different aspects of hedge funds and discover how to achieve success in this field.

Hedge Fund Course presents all the technical and quantitative knowledge necessary to understand hedge funds, and complements the less-technical information presented in the popular How to Create and Manage a Hedge Fund—also written by Stuart McCrary. This self-study guide is designed to let you quickly learn as much as you require. Short chapters describe the essential facts on a particular hedge fund topic, and the question-and-answer section that accompanies each chapter allows you to delve deeper into the topics reviewed in the text. After a brief introduction, Hedge Fund Course gets down to business, with discussions of:

  • Different types of hedge funds and hedge fund investors
  • Hedge fund investment techniques
  • Hedge fund business models
  • Measuring the performance of hedge funds
  • Legislation and regulation of hedge funds
  • Accounting and taxation aspects of hedge funds
  • Risk management and hedge funds

Whether you're in the hedge fund business, have hedge fund clients, or invest in hedge funds, Hedge Fund Course can help you refine and develop your knowledge of this field.

STUART A. McCRARY is a principal with Chicago Partners, LLC, and specializes in options, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, and hedge funds. As president of Frontier Asset Management, McCrary managed and ran his own hedge fund before joining Chicago Partners. He has also worked as a senior options trader at Fenchurch Capital Management, as vice president in the mortgage department and in proprietary trading at First Boston Corporation, and as a portfolio manager with Comerica Bank. He has taught graduate-level courses in creating and managing a hedge fund at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University; courses in options and financial engineering at the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology; and accounting at Northwestern University's Master in Product Development program. McCrary is also the author of How to Create and Manage a Hedge Fund, also published by Wiley. He received his BA and MBA from Northwestern University.


About the Author.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Chapter 2: Types of Hedge Funds.

Chapter 3: Types of Hedge Fund Investors.

Chapter 4: Hedge Fund Investment Techniques.

Chapter 5: Hedge Fund Business Models.

Chapter 6: Hedge Fund Leverage.

Chapter 7: Performance Measurement.

Chapter 8: Hedge Fund Legislation and Regulation.

Chapter 9: Accounting.

Chapter 10: Hedge Fund Taxation.

Chapter 11: Risk Management and Hedge Funds.

Chapter 12: Marketing Hedge Funds.

Chapter 13: Derivatives and Hedge Funds.

Chapter 14: Conclusions.

Answers to Questions and Problems.