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Hedge Funds: Courtesans of Capitalism


Like the courtesans of a bygone age, hedge funds cater to the wealthy and project an aura of mystery and excitement. But as the Long Term Capital Management debacle showed, their activities affect us all.
Far from neutralising risk, as their name might suggest, some are simply vehicles for large-scale speculation - raiding currencies, disrupting bond markets, and embarrassing governments.
This book looks in detail at the secret world of hedge funds, how they work, the larger than life characters who run them, their private passions and the risks they run.

PETER TEMPLE worked as an investment analyst in fund management and broking for 18 years, before turning full time to writing in 1988.
He writes widely on financial topics, mainly for a private investor readership. His articles are published in the Financial Times, the Investors Chronicle, Shares magazine, International Fund Investment, and a variety of other publications and websites.
His previous books cover topics like online investing, investing for beginners, venture capital, and trading options.
Peter and Lynn Temple live in the London suburbs in Woodford Green, but travel widely. They have two grown-up children, both professional musicians.

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