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How to Profit with Index Options: 5 Steps to Winning Trades


Boost your trading confidence and increase your potential profits by incorporating index options into your arsenal of trading strategies. Enabling you to trade the market as opposed to a particular stock, index options are a powerful means of success. Learn how to manage your capital wisely by taking advantage of the many benefits index options offer.

Even winning markets have losers. Don't try to find the winning needles in a haystack of losers; rather, let the market do the work. By using index options, the diversity of the products in the index does the work for you. In this brand-new and inclusive trading session, renowned options expert James Bittman walks you step by step through the basics of index options. You'll find out how to:

  • Profit without searching through hundreds or thousands of stocks
  • Use delta and time decay to pick the option strategy that will work for you
  • Understand and use historic and implied volatility to your advantage

Precise analysis, careful planning, and stern discipline are the key components to becoming a savvy trader. Complemented by a trading quiz, you'll even have a chance to put your trading know-how to the test as you go.

Make the market work for you! Implement the valuable knowledge of index options into your daily trading routine, and you'll be able to increase your capital in no time.