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Index Funds: Strategies for Investment Success


What's the difference between the S&P 500 and Wilshire 5000 Indexes?

How can you invest in these and other indexes?

If you're like most investors, you've probably heard of index funds, but don't know too much about them-except that they buy the stocks that make up a particular index such as the S&P 500. Academic research convinced institutional investors and pension plans to adopt passive investing initially, and now many individual investors are also beginning to use index funds in their own portfolios. The fact is that the subtle investment philosophy underlying index funds, and its related products, can help you grow your wealth in a steady, powerful, and efficient manner-so you can achieve financial security and peace of mind at the lowest possible cost.

In Index Funds: Strategies for Investment Success, author and cofounder of, Will McClatchy, first discusses the main issues concerning index funds and passive investing, and then provides a path of action by comparing indexes, describing various index funds, and reviewing model portfolios.

Topics discussed include:
* Understanding the philosophy, motivation, and discipline of a successful indexer
* Creating a financial plan with indexing
* Choosing markets with the right risk/return profile and finding sensible asset classes
* Filtering out noise created by financial markets and the media
* Maintaining an indexed portfolio with quarterly or yearly tune-ups
* Selecting the most cost-effective and efficient index funds
* And much more

Filled with in-depth insights, valuable advice, and informative charts, Index Funds: Strategies for Investment Success will get you up-to-speed on the indexing revolution. Whether you want to retire comfortably, save enough for a child's education, or just set aside funds for a rainy day, take this opportunity to learn more about index funds and find out how to unlock their potential.

WILL McCLATCHY is the cofounder of
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Chapter 1. Everyone Needs a Benchmark.

Chapter 2. Commonsense Indexing.

Chapter 3. Is Wall Street on Your Side?

Chapter 4. Filtering Out the Noise.

Chapter 5. What Really Smart Money Thinks.

Chapter 6. In Theory, at Least.

Chapter 7. Clash of the Titans.

Chapter 8. A Mountain of Evidence.

Chapter 9. Tenacious Myths Debunked.

Chapter 10. Allocating Assets for Return and for Risk.

Chapter 11. Asset Classes.

Chapter 12. Fees Are Not Your Friend.

Chapter 13. Avoiding Taxing Activity.


Chapter 14. Financial Planning à La Carte.

Chapter 15. Know Your Indexes.

Chapter 16. Model Portfolios.

Chapter 17. Exchange-Traded Funds.

Chapter 18. Fund Picking, Not Stock Picking.

Chapter 19. Track, Rebalance, and Reassess.