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Intelligent Credit Scoring: Building and Using Credit Risk Scorecards, 2nd Edition


Intelligent Credit Scoring is an updated second edition of Credit Risk Scorecards: Developing and Implementing Intelligent Credit Scoring. This book presents a business-oriented process for the development and implementation of risk prediction scorecards.  It describes how risk scorecards can be a powerful tool for risk managers trying to improve their bottom line and details how they can develop and implement these scorecards using internal resources.  The content includes:  Scorecard Development Roles,  Scorecard Development and Implementation, and Post Implementation. In this updated second edition, content the author will add includes:
  • End-to-end examples using sample data
  • A variety of new real life examples and stories
  • A chapter on creating end-to-end infrastructure for scorecard development, governance and integration
  • Content for bias detection via studying policy rules and talking to adjudicators
  • Diagrams and real life examples of binning and bias detection using WOE curves
  • New examples and in-depth analyses in each chapter
Intelligent Credit Scoring will expand upon each chapter from the original edition, adding about 100 pages of in-depth content and fulfilling content need by incorporating the latest trends and advances in credit risk scorecards.