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International Bank Management


International Bank Management provides current, integrated coverage of international banking issues, including foreign exchange markets, derivatives, country risk analysis, asset-liability management, and banking strategies. Mehta & Fung utilize a variety of analytical frameworks to explain important decision-making processes and illustrate their applications through real-world examples. Learning objectives and end-of-chapter review questions reinforce key themes and concepts. A focus on the increasing globalization of financial markets in this text enables students to obtain the comprehensive, international perspective essential for a successful career in banking.

Dileep Mehta was Professor of International Banking & Finance, and is now Professor Emeritus of Finance, at Georgia State University.Hung-Gay Fung is Dr. Y. S. Tsiang Professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. His areas of research and teaching include international banking, derivatives, risk management, corporate finance, investment, and international finance, and he is currently the editor of China and World Economy.
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Part I: Overview:.

1. Basic Premises.

Part II: Foundation:.

2. Globalization of Commercial Banking.

3. Foreign Exchange Participation.

4. Eurocurrency Market.

5. Futures and Options in Currency and Interest Rate Markets.

Part III: Applications:.

6. Swaps and Other Derivative Instruments.

7. International Credit Function for Private Business.

8. Sovereign Risk Analysis.

9. Asset and Liability Management.

Part IV: Trends and Future Directions:.

10. Capital Adequacy.

11. Toward Investment Banking Activities.

12. Banking Strategy.


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