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International Libel and Privacy Handbook: A Global Reference for Journalists, Publishers, Webmasters, and Lawyers, 3rd Edition


An indispensable survival guide for anyone in the media industry and the lawyers who serve them

Especially now, in an age of instant global access through digital media, it is vitally important that journalists, authors and publishers, as well as the lawyers who serve them, be fully up on the laws governing media, worldwide. The ultimate resource for all the media content providers and purveyors, this fully updated and expanded Third Edition of the critically-acclaimed handbook offers you instant access to relevant libel and privacy laws and important legal rulings in the Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. It clearly and concisely explains risks publishers should know about prior to publication, steps they can take in order to avoid legal conflicts, and legal defences available to them in the event of a claim.

  • Offers nation-by-nation summaries of libel and privacy law written by local practitioners in an easy-to-use reference format
  • Expanded to include coverage of important emerging territories—Mexico, Israel, and Argentina, et al—as well as the latest libel and privacy rulings
  • Features new chapters on emerging media markets—including Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Jordan, and others—as well as valuable updates to the Middle East section
  • Provides updates on all major media markets and nations, along with coverage of changes in libel laws in key jurisdictions, including Australia, the UK, Hungary and Germany

Preface: Understanding Media Law in the Global Context


Introduction:  How to Use This Book

Part One: Americas

Chapter 1: Argentina (Leonardo Cesar Ferreira, Ph.D.)

Introduction to the Argentinean Legal System

Chapter 2: Brazil (Laura Fragomeni, Paula Mena Barreto and Eduardo de Moraes)

Introduction to Brazilian Civil Code and Media Law

Chapter 3: Canada (Brian Macleod Rogers)

Introduction to the Canadian Legal System

Chapter 4: Chile (Leonardo Cesar Ferreira, Ph.D.)

Introduction to the Chilean Legal System

Chapter 5: Mexico (Leonardo Cesar Ferreira, Ph.D.)

Introduction to the Mexican Legal System

Chapter 6: United States of America (Thomas H. Golden and Casey Boyle)

Introduction to the U.S. Legal System

Part Two: Asia and Australia

Chapter 7: Australia (Peter Bartlett)

Introduction to Australian Media Law

Chapter 8: China (Vincent Wang and Edward J. Davis with Yonatan Berkovits  Davis Wright Tremaine LLP)

Introduction to the Chinese Legal System

Chapter 9: Hong Kong (Doreen Weisenhaus, Rick Glofcheski, and Edward J. Davis)

Introduction to the Hong Kong Legal System

Chapter 10: India (Janmejay Rai and Barunesh Chandra)

Introduction to Indian Legal System

Chapter 11: Japan (Yoshio Iteya, Atsushi Okada, and Akira Marumo)

Introduction to the Japanese Legal System

Chapter 12: Korea* (Kyu Ho Youm)

Introduction to the Korean Legal System

Chapter 13: Malaysia (H. R. Dipendra)

Introduction to Malaysian Legal System

Chapter 14: Singapore (Tay Peng Cheng)

Introduction to the Singapore Legal System

Chapter 15: Thailand (Sinfah Tunsarawuth)

Introduction to the Thai Legal System

Part Three: Europe

Chapter 16: Belgium (Steven De Schrijver)

Introduction to the Belgium Legal System

Chapter 17: England and Wales (Mark Stephens)

Introduction to the United Kingdom Legal System

Chapter 18: France (Dominique Mondoloni)

Introduction to the French Legal System

Chapter 19: Germany (Jan Hegemann)

Introduction to the German Legal System

Chapter 20: Italy (Charles J. Glasser, Jr.1)

Introduction to Italian Media Law

Chapter 21: Netherlands (Jens van den Brink)

Introduction to Netherlands Media Law

Chapter 22: Poland (Charles J. Glasser, Jr.1)

Introduction to Polish Media Law

Chapter 23: Russia (Anna Otkina, Partner)

Introduction to the Russian Legal System

Chapter 24: Spain (Almudena Arpón de Mendívil and Juan José Marín López)

Introduction to the Spanish Legal System

Chapter 25: Switzerland (Rolf Auf der Maur)

Introduction to the Swiss Legal System

Part Four: Middle East

Chapter 26: The Middle East (Charles J. Glasser, Jr., Esq.1)

Introduction to the Media Law in the Middle East

Chapter 27: Israel (Ori Shenhar)

Introduction to the Israeli Legal System

Chapter 28: Jordan (Safwan Moubaydeen)

Introduction to the Jordanian Legal System

Chapter 29: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Charles J. Glasser, Jr., Esq.1)

Introduction to the Media Law in the UAE


Special issues for book publishers

Shooting stars: Privacy claims in the UK

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