Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks


Praise for Investing In Renewable Energy

"Jeff Siegel was investing in renewable energy years before Wall Streetheard of the names Ormat Technologies, Suntech, SunPower, or First Solar. His first issue of Green Chip Stocks was published in 2004. So not only hashe been ahead of the curve on the renewable energy boom . . . but in many cases,he's been the curve! With oil trading over $100 a barrel . . . and Americansstaring at the greatest energy crisis in history, Jeff's new tome is amust-have for any serious investor."
—Brian Hicks, author of Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and theGreatest Investment Event of the Century

Green Chip Stocks represent the most important stocks traded today, for one simple reason: these are the investments that will allow us to end our reliance on foreign oil and build a stronger, safer, and cleaner domestic energy infrastructure. Renewable energy is not only creating a new way of life, but also a new generation of wealth.

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Investing in Renewable Energy shows you how to tap into this growing market in order to capture unparalleled profits. Throughout the book, author Jeff Siegel—with the help of energy experts Chris Nelder and Nick Hodge—explores various renewable energy technologies and shows you how to profit from next-generation renewable energy projects and companies that are poised to take over where fossil fuels will leave off.

With Investing in Renewable Energy as your guide, you'll quickly discover the tremendous potential of the alternative energy industry and learn how to make the most of the opportunities within it.

Jeff Siegel is the Managing Editor of Green Chip Stocks, an investment advisory service that focuses exclusively on renewable energy and organic and natural food markets. He is often cited in the media, and has been a featured guest on Fox, CNBC, and Bloomberg Asia. Siegel also works as a consultant, and is a frequent speaker at investment and renewable energy conferences and seminars.

Chris Nelder is a self-taught energy expert who has intensively studied peak oil for five years and written hundreds of articles on peak oil and energy in general. He also founded and published an online magazine called Better World in the mid-1990s, as part of his lifelong interest in fostering environmental and social responsibility. Nelder is a frequent contributor to Green Chip Stocks, among other publications, and is an active investor in energy.

nick hodge is the Managing Editor of the Alternative Energy Speculator, an investment advisory service that focuses primarily on clean energy and emission-reduction technologies. Hodge has also written extensively on water and infrastructure investing, and has been featured on Canada's Business News Network (BNN).


Part I. Transitioning to the New Energy Economy.

Chapter 1. The Global Energy Meltdown.

Chapter 2. The Solar Solution.

Chapter 3. Global Winds.

Chapter 4. The Heat Below.

Chapter 5. What May Wash Up In The Tide.

Chapter 6. What's That Smell?

Chapter 7. The Efficiency Advantage.

Part II. The End of Oil.

Chapter 8. Foreign Oil: The Path to Suicide.

Chapter 9. Biofuels: More than Just Corn.

Chapter 10. Plugged-In Profits.

Part III. The Science and Profitability of Climate Change.

Chapter 11. Global Warming: The Not-So-Great Debate.

Chapter 12. Profiting from Pollution.

Conclusion. The Greatest Investment Opportunity of the 21st Century.


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