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Investing Online For Dummies, 9th Edition


Learn to:

  • Set reasonable expectations and assess risk
  • Find investment data and choose an online broker
  • Avoid social media misinformation
  • Take advantage of the latest tools, data, and resources

Want to take charge of your investments? This book shows you the way!

The Internet makes self-directed investing available to everyone, but it's easy to get lost in the weeds. Let this book be your guide to websites, databases, online communities, and tools that will help you build a successful portfolio. Learn to choose winning stocks, calculate risk and return, select mutual funds, and even explore options and IPOs.

  • Know thyself — determine how much you can invest, your risk tolerance, and if you're an active or passive investor
  • About accounts — see how different accounts are taxed, pick the best one for you, and set it up with an online broker you've checked out
  • Dive in — learn to enter and execute trades and how to choose a company and measure performance
  • The fund-amentals — know what to look for in mutual funds, understand exchange-traded funds, and learn to read a prospectus
  • Stock answers — evaluate a stock's prospects, explore online stock screens, and analyze stock pickers

Open the book and find:

  • How to turn your device into a trading station
  • Why stock prices fluctuate
  • Safe ways to use social networking sites
  • Online tools for calculating performance
  • All about asset allocation
  • Tips for researching and buying bonds
  • The top ten mistakes online investors make
  • Advice on keeping your investments and identity safe

Visit the companion websites at and for online articles and bonus chapters.

Matt Krantz is a nationally known financial journalist who specializes in investing topics. He has been with USA TODAY since 1999, covering financial markets and Wall Street. Matt concentrates on developments affecting individual investors, and writes a daily online column, "Ask Matt."