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Investing with LEAPS: Choices in Long-Term Options


Run time: 87 min. Stand the test of time in the trading arena by putting LEAPS® to work for you! Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities®, widely known as LEAPS®, are long-term call and put options with expirations up to three years in the future. Having grown in popularity over the last decade, LEAPS® are one of the hottest and most powerful investment vehicles around. Leading options expert and best-selling financial author James Bittman both compares and combines LEAPS® with traditional short-term options. Find out how...

  • LEAPS® calls can be used as a leveraged stock substitute when writing short-term calls
  • deltas of LEAPS® options differ noticeably from deltas of same-strike short-term options
  • short-term trading with LEAPS® involves trade-offs with less percentage profit for less time decay

This instructive and revealing presentation teaches you how to strategically use LEAPS® to your advantage. Incorporate LEAPS® into your overall investment strategy by using many of the benefits their longer timeframe and incredible versatility offer. Limitless opportunities, low-risk investments, and soaring profits await you. Get started now!