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Investing Without Fear: Protect Your Wealth in all Markets and Transform Crash Losses into Crash Profits


Secrets to Safely Growing Richer in Turbulent Times

If continuing corporate collapses, Wall Street lies, and economic uncertainties have left you wondering whom to trust and what to do with your hard-earned money, the time to take action is now. Read Investing Without Fear to immediately stop any losses, get on the fast track to recovery, and turn potential setbacks into successful comebacks.

Author Martin Weiss has built a national reputation as a fiercely independent critic of Wall Street practices and as the one advisor showing hundreds of thousands of investors how to make solid profits even while most others are losing their shirts. His previous bestseller, The Ultimate Safe Money Guide, gave readers the know-how to invest wisely and cautiously. Now, in Investing Without Fear, Weiss arms you with the tools and techniques to invest for success.

Investing Without Fear gives you . . .

  • The proven methods to profit from a stock market crash
  • Seven practical strategies for building wealth in any environment
  • Fifty stocks you should sell immediately—plus advice on how to sell
  • Six steps to take right away to protect the value of your home and real estate
  • More than seventy-five safe alternatives for your money, so you can sleep nights
  • Practical ways to protect your job, reduce debt, and save more
  • Specific instructions to turn economic disasters into great opportunities for profit

The message of Investing Without Fear is original, powerful, and comprehensive. Read this book and learn how to win in today's unpredictable market.

Previously published as, Crash Profits: Make Money When Stocks Sink And Soar!

MARTIN D. WEISS, PHD, is Chairman of Weiss Ratings, Inc., in Palm Beach, Florida. The company issues safety ratings on banks and savings institutions, insurance firms, brokerages, and HMOs. It is the only major ratings company that receives no remuneration from the companies it covers. Weiss has testified before Congress several times and has appeared on ABC, CBS, and NBC. His previous book, The Ultimate Safe Money Guide (Wiley), was a New York Times business bestseller.

1. The Broker’s Hidden Agenda.

2. The Bubble.

3. The Wall Street Hype.

4. The Bubble Bursts.

5. The $17,000 Toilet Kit.

6. Sell These Stocks Now!

7. Get Your Money to Safety.

8. The Ballooning Budget Deficit.

9. The Bond Market Bubble.

10. The Real Market Bubble.

11. The Winning Minority.

12. The Team.

13. Hidden Risks.

14. Deflation!

15. The Fall of the Blue Chips.

16. Move Your Account!

17. An Appeal to Action.

18. Vertigo.

19. The Big Bailout.

20. The Great Rally.

21. The Gap.

22. The Blame Game.

23. Rock Bottom.

24. The Darkest Day.

25. A True Recovery.