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Investment Management, 2nd Edition


This new edition of Stephen Lofthouse's Equity Investment Management has been expanded and comprehensively updated to cover new instruments, changing techniques and recent market developments. The first edition of this book was described by the Investors Chronicle as a 'valuable addition to the library of investment writing', while Professional Investor thoght it 'easy to digest and extremely practical'. His second book was described by The Independent as 'excellent', 'comprehensive and clear-headed', included in The Times'list of 'essential festive financial reading', and deemed 'very welcome' by the Financial Times, being realisic and offering 'practical advice ...[and] sound thinking.'

STEPHEN LOFTHOUSE is a former Executive Chairman of James Capel Fund Managers Ltd. and James Capel Unit Trust Management Ltd. as well as a director of stockbrokers James Capel Co. Ltd., part of the HSBC group. His career also included lecturing at the Manchester Business School.


Portfolio Theory.

The Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Arbitrage Pricing Theory.

Behavioural Finance.

The Efficient Market.

Introduction to Share and Sector Selection.

Economic Fundamentals.

Accounting Fundamentals.

Dividend Discount and Price-Earnings Models.

Earnings-Based Share Selection.

Aspects of Value versus Growth.

Value, Growth and Size: Evidence.

A Share Picker's Miscellany.

Technical Analysis.

Sector Strategy.

Constructing a Share Portfolio.

Bonds: An Introduction.

Bond Strategy.

International Investing.


Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation.

Tactical Asset Allocation: The Economy and Market Ratios.

Tactical Asset Allocation: Risk and Return.

Fund Managers: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Appendix: Statistical Methods.