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Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits: Unique Investment Strategies for Today's Global Capital Markets


Praise for Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits

"Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits is a well-written book that should be in the personal library of those investors seriously interested in gaining 'global market' investment expertise. In many respects, this is the most insightful, effective, and comprehensive book on international investing that I have ever read."
—Jeffry King, Chairman & CEO, Quaker Funds Inc. and Quaker Investment Trust

"Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits demystifies global access for the investor who has always felt that he is on the outside looking in at the opportunities presented by foreign markets. Starting with a compelling illustration of the basis for going overseas, the book does a great job of educating the reader on the successful management of both individual asset classes as well as the entire portfolio that is comprised when those asset classes are assembled in concert with one another. This book is especially timely, as investors will have to look farther, literally, than they've ever had to before in order to realize competitive returns."
—Mike Ward, CFA, CFP, Partner, Capital Strategies Group, LLC

"Global investment strategies are increasingly important to a wide range of investors looking to profit and manage risk through turbulent times. In their book, Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits, Casterline and Yetman have effectively summarized in a clear, straightforward manner many of the cutting-edge global trading strategies that are available to today's investors."
—Joel F. Houston, William D. Hussey Professor of Business Administration, Department of Finance,Insurance and Real Estate, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida

"Casterline and Yetman have written a comprehensive primer for investment managers and the public about the significance of global investing. They present the investment information in a detailed, logical, and insightful way that is clearly written and avoids industry jargon or buzzwords. Investor's Passport to Hedge Fund Profits provides the readers with a copious amount of both references and easy to access Internet resources that will expedite any investor's knowledge and understanding of all global asset classes: equities, fixed income, commodities, and currencies. Quite simply, the book is an important addition to anyone's research library."
—Stephen W. Shipman, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Century Management, Inc.

Sean D. Casterline, CFA, MBA, is the President and Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager for Delta Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor located in Florida. He is a regular speaker at investment conferences across the country and is a frequent contributor to financial trade magazines and Web sites. Additionally, he works with partner and coauthor Bob Yetman to provide research and timely insight to the clients of Investor's Passport (, an investment research and money management firm focused on gaining strategic access to global markets.

Robert G. Yetman, Jr., has worked in the financial services industry for over twenty years and, in the course of that time, has served as a principal on behalf of a variety of nationally based financial services firms. Presently, he is the Senior Vice President and Director of Publishing at Delta Capital Management, LLC, and also oversees research and publishing at Investor's Passport (


Chapter 1 Opportunities Away from the Land of Opportunity.

Chapter 2 Accurately Reading the World's Economies: An Inter-market Primer.

Chapter 3 The Tools in Your Equity Toolbox.

Chapter 4 Key Strategies for Realizing Winning Returns in Foreign Equities.

Chapter 5 Foreign Fixed Income Investing.

Chapter 6 Making the Buck in Currency Trading.

Chapter 7 Accessing Foreign Real Estate.

Chapter 8 Derivative Use for Offense and Defense.

Chapter 9 Portfolio Management Applications.