Keynes and the Market: How the World's Greatest Economist Overturned Conventional Wisdom and Made a Fortune on the Stock Market


Keynes and the Market

New insights into the life and times of the original value investor

John Maynard Keynes—acclaimed economist, statesman, and writer—was one of the few men to master the financial markets in practice as well as in theory. His six key investment principles, refined over decades of investing, represent a straightforward and time-tested system for exploiting the periodic irrationality of stock markets.

Keynes and the Market examines the secrets behind Keynes' incredible stock market success. A determined foe of conventional wisdom in all spheres of his life, Keynes' unorthodox approach anticipated the investment philosophies of some of the world's most successful investors, including the legendary Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. Having comprehensively overthrown many of the confident conclusions of classical economics, Keynes' heretical views on financial markets—supported by insights from the emerging discipline of behavioral finance—now provide the basis for yet another Keynesian revolution.

In this entertaining and informative book, Justyn Walsh reveals how the everyday investor can profit from the stock market techniques of one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century.

Justyn Walsh is a Director at investment bank Renaissance Capital and is based in London and Moscow. Prior to his career in investment banking, he worked as a corporate lawyer and financial journalist. Keynes and the Market is his first book.

Chapter 1: The Apostle Maynard.

Chapter 2: Citizen Keynes.

Chapter 3: Snap, Old Maid, and Musical Chairs.

Chapter 4: The Reckoning.

Chapter 5: Raising a Dust.

Chapter 6: Animal Spirits.

Chapter 7: Game Players.

Chapter 8: Searching for Stunners.

Chapter 9: Safety First.

Chapter 10: Leaning Into the Wind.

Chapter 11: Being Quiet.

Chapter 12: Eggs in One Basket.

Chapter 13: A Sense of Proportion.

Chapter 14: Post Mortem.




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