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Mao, Marx & the Market: Capitalist Adventures in Russia and China



"This is a gripping tale from start to finish, an extraordinary adventure told by a brilliant and idealistic businessman confronted by political disloyalty and chicanery on an epic scale. LeBaron tells his story with a punch, but his basic instincts of morality and decency shine throughout." --Peter L. Bernstein, President, Peter L. Bernstein, Inc., author of The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession

"An insight-packed thriller summarizing a brilliant contrarian investor's adventures in the two great dramas of our era–Russia and China; chock-full of pithy lessons relevant for investors and observers alike." --Graham Allison, Director, Robert and Renee Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Dean LeBaron's book on his adventures in Russia and China is a fun read. I recommend it to anyone taking their first–or second or third–visit to either country for business or pleasure. LeBaron brings out the personal warmth of these countries in terms of their individuals, as well as the obvious complexities of dealing with them." --David Gill, Board Member of several companies involved with Russia, Retired International Finance Corporation Official

"This is the fascinating story of Dean LeBaron in his quest to participate right from the start in the opening of China and Russia following the demise of their socialist/ communist regimes. It is the best account of what happened in the emerging market world in the nineties." --Marc Faber, Editor, The Gloom Boom & Doom Report, Managing Director, Marc Faber Limited

"Adventure capitalist Dean LeBaron is the Indiana Jones of finance. Follow his escapades in emerging markets and get an insider's view of the birth of capitalism in Russia and China. You'll be amused, entertained, and instructed. Mao, Marx & the Market provides a fascinating insider's view of the creation of market economies with all their attendant travails. A must read." --Bill Miller, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Legg Mason Funds Management, Inc.

DEAN LEBARON is an investment futurist. He founded Batterymarch Financial Management in 1969 and led the firm s pioneering advances in the mid-1970s in the application of computer technology and modeling techniques, first in the U.S. market and then in international and emerging markets. He is recognized as one of the first foreign entrants in the nascent securities markets of Brazil, India, Russia, and China.

DONNA CARPENTER is an accomplished and skilled business writer with several books to her name, including The Fall of the House of Hutton and Price Waterhouse Book of Personal Financial Planning.

PART ONE: Russia.

CHAPTER ONE: The Russians Are Coming.

CHAPTER TWO: From Marx to McDonald's.

CHAPTER THREE: Soviet-Style Fish Chowder.

CHAPTER FOUR: Swords into Plowshares, Inc.

CHAPTER FIVE: The Right Stuff.

CHAPTER SIX: Russia's Wrong Stuff.



PART TWO: China.

CHAPTER NINE: The Fifth Dragon.

CHAPTER TEN: A New Leap Forward.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Cat Changes Color.

CHAPTER TWELVE: Flowers on an Iron Tree.


CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Year of the Monkey.

PART THREE: A New Order in the Making.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Lines on the Horizon.