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Maryam Sadat Etemad

دكتری مهندسی مالی از دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی، کارشناس ابزارهای مشتقه و ابزارهای نوین مالی در شرکت بورس اوراق بهادار تهران

Educational background:
PhD in Financial Engineering from Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch
Master of Financial Engineering from University of Economic Sciences
Bachelor of Financial Management from University of Economic Sciences
Expert in Derivatives and New Financial Instruments, Tehran Stock Exchange
Master of Financing, Sepehr Capital Financing Company
Senior Analyst of Global Economy, International Markets and Iranian Economy in Agah Brokerage
Former senior analyst of Iran's gold, foreign exchange and capital markets in Agah Brokerage
Former senior technical and fundamental analyst in the financial markets of Iran and the world in Agah Brokerage
Former Senior Analyst, Commodity Analysis Unit, Derivatives and New Financial Instruments in Aware Brokerage
Former Head of Commodity Analysis Unit, Global Economy, Derivatives and New Financial Instruments at Agah Brokerage
educational experience:
Instructor of fundamental analysis of global markets and derivatives in Agah Brokerage Company
Teaching specialized courses on derivative contracts in stock exchange, banking and insurance exhibitions
Instructor of Derivatives at Tehran Stock Exchange
Instructor of Derivatives in the live television program of the era of equity of Iran Kala network

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