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Market Unbound: Unleashing Global Capitalism


Two Top McKinsey & Company Consultants Take a Look at the Future of Our Markets "The world is changing so significantly that competing in the near future will be very different from the way it has been in the recent past. Extraordinary changes are occurring in the financial markets and in the underlying reed economy and this new emerging economic structure inevitably will change how companies compete in a very fundamental way. ...I know of no book that so clearly lays the intellectual foundation necessary to understand what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen." -from the Foreword by Ted W. Hall McKinsey Global Institute Our world is on the brink of the most dramatic economic change since the Industrial Revolution. Market Unbound is a sweeping account of the emerging global marketplace. In this new world order, discrete national economies will become a historical notion. As developed and developing countries integrate into a single, powerful economy, governments, businesses, and investors face the dual possibilities of extraordinary gains and terrifying losses. Providing a unique combination of economic and managerial perspectives, authors Lowell Bryan and Diana Farrell of McKinsey & Company, Inc., deliver cutting edge insights into the workings of the global economy. No business that is serious about remaining competitive into the twenty-first century can afford to ignore the compelling evidence that challenges our current conception of economic reality. A road map for a radically changed economic environment, Market Unbound is required reading for anyone who hopes to prosper in the coming century.

LOWELL BRYAN and DIANA FARRELL are senior consultants at McKinsey & Company, Inc. He is the author of three previous business books, and a leading authority on both financial and regulatory issues, and the global capital market. She led the research that is the foundation of this book.
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