Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free


"Being in debt does not have to be a life sentence. Jordan Goodman gives you the key to getting out of your debtor's prison in Master Your Debt."
—Terry Savage, nationally syndicatedChicago Sun-Times personal financialcolumnist and author of The New Savage Number

"Master Your Debt gives the skinny on today's most pressing personal finance issues. This type of advice is a rarity, as is Jordan's level of expertise. It's little wonder that he's known as America's Money Answers Man!"
—Curtis Arnold, founder of CardRatings.comand author of How You Can Profit fromCredit Cards

"Whether your goal is to whittle down your debt or boost your bottom line, Jordan Goodman shows you how to succeed in this book!"
—Gerri Detweiler, author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook and advisor to

"Winning strategies are the key to saving money! Jordan is a master of them. He has, once again, created another excellent, up-to-date, easy-to-use consumer guide that will help people save thousands of dollars on their debt."
—Scott Bilker, creator of and author of Talk Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt

JORDAN E. GOODMAN is a nationally recognized expert on personal finance. He is the authorof the bestselling Everyone's Money Book and twelve other books. For eighteen years, hewas the Wall Street correspondent for Moneymagazine and also served as a regularcommentator for NBC News at Sunrise andMutual Broadcasting System's America in the Morning. Today, Goodman appears regularlyon many radio shows, including public radio's Marketplace as well as on TV programs on Fox, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and MSNBC. He also speaks regularly to large groups such as the Harv Eker wealth seminars. Visit Goodman's Web site:

BILL WESTROM is a consumer advocate and veteran mortgage professional who has become a critic of the traditional banking system. His own businesses, IFS Development Group and, focus on educating and empowering homeowners so they can make smarter choices about mortgages and employ an innovative mortgage reduction strategy; equity acceleration. Westrom's mission is to "change the financial landscape of this country by helping homeowners get more out of what they own and what they earn."


Introduction: Master or Victim? You Decide.

Chapter 1: How Did We Get Here? and Where Are We?

Chapter 2: Find out Where You Stand.

Chapter 3: Other People Are Grading You, Too.

Chapter 4: Avoiding A Modern-Day Identity Crisis.

Chapter 5: Win the New Mortgage Game.

Chapter 6: Mortgage Free in Five to Seven Years.

Chapter 7: Credit Cards: Just Because It's Called MasterCard Doesn't Mean It's the Boss of You.

Chapter 8: Car Deals: Making Sure You're In the Driver's Seat.

Chapter 9: An Education in College Costs.

Chapter 10: Don't Let Bad Luck Derail your Finances.

Chapter 11: Surviving Bankruptcy.

Chapter 12: Debt Strategies for Every Age.

Chapter 13: Permanent Mastery, Going Forward.

Appendix: Resources.

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