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Mastering High Probability Chart Reading Methods


Run Time: 82 minutes. Can you post big gains consistently - even if the market is locked in a downward spiral? Absolutely - if you avoid buying the wrong stocks - or trading the wrong markets - at the wrong time. Pinpointing the right sectors to play at just the right time is the key to winning the profit battle. This hands-on tutorial
allows viewers to master techniques for seizing the highest-probability trades every time, benefiting from the expertise of a true pro like Traders’ Hall of Fame award winner, John Murphy.

Reinforcing many concepts presented in his earlier videos, Murphy takes his latest workshop to a whole new level, as he covers each item in more depth and detail, revealing…

  • Price patterns he has found most reliable over time
  • How to recognize leading indicators, and - more importantly - which market sectors turn first
  • The value of the dollar, and how it impacts stock prices
  • The concept of sector rotation, and how it can mushroom your profits
  • and much more!

Murphy goes on to explain his pioneering work in the field of inter-market analysis - a proven analytical approach based on evaluating the impact different sectors have on each other. Citing key relationships among markets, his powerful strategies help you determine when to shift from one to the other so you’re always poised to take advantage of the most lucrative opportunities available in any
market environment.

A must have for investors fed up with watching assets shrink in value, you will find Murphy’s illuminating new release a profit-saver - one, you simply can’t afford to miss!